Q- How to place an order with Anondo Catering ?

A- Customers  are requested to check our price for every item and combine their own menu with their favourite dishes. Or customers can  choose any of our set menu and lodge the order. Also customers can add or deduct items with  our set menu. Minimum ordering number is twenty.

Q- Is there any use of Nuts with any dish?

A- Please be informed that in our food traces of nuts could be present. If you or your guests are need to be notified please take necessary measures.

Q- What selection of Chicken you use in your dishes ?

A- We  use only hand slaughtered chickens- there is no other options.

Q- Do you do Delivery ?

A-Customers are encouraged to pick up their food from our premises. For picking up your food please arrange a vehicle having plenty of room to carry all the foods in large pots, trays, eskys and any other method of food transportation.

We can also arrange a drop off with prior arrangements. A charge from $35 to $100 will be applied. Our maximum range for delivery is 50 kilometres from Carlton, NSW-2218. After finishing the event customer must return all the pots, trays, eskys or any other method of food transportation supposed to return. On the other hand we can also arrange a  pick up with customers expanse.

Q- What is the payment method ?

A- To confirm the order, customer must pay at least 50% of the total Invoice amount at least three days prior to their event. And the outstanding amount must have to be paid in full when food is being handed over.

The methods of payment are Cash, Electronic Bank Transfer/ deposit.

Please notify us by sending a copy of the bank receipt through email or text to the mobile. Make sure you receive a confirmation email or text.

Our bank details are

Name- Akhand M Faroque

BSB- 062235

Account number-10373702

Commonwealth Bank